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Online Activation Courses : Realise Your Light

Life is made of great pairings; think Lennon & McCartney, Romeo and Juliet etc. Masters and Angels sometimes work best in such combinations.

Just like us in the human realm, where we each have different areas of expertise, so do the Ascended Masters and Angels. The light beings that we work with in this training work very well together. By attuning to them you obtain the advantage of their natural compatibility and shared focus.

Gabriel & Michael are often invoked together, one to stand on the left the other on the right. One opens you up to the joy of your truth the other the sword of truth.

St Germain & Merlin are both uncompromising teachers, St Germain is flamboyant and charismatic; Merlin can be blunt and direct; their shared goal is a focus on the mission that must be achieved in yourself and through the collective.

Melchezidek & Metatron are both connected with Sacred Geometry and working effectively on the architecture of the universe and its creations.

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Realise Your Light : The Complete Collection

Realise Your Light : The Complete Collection

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